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Dirty Mouth??

purple-teeth1Just when I thought that I’d seen everything there is to see in wine products, a new one catches my eye.  This particular wine product just made me laugh out loud.  They’re called Wine Wipes.


Borracha, the California based company that promotes and sells these “teeth wipes”, claim that their wine wipes will wipe your dirty red mouth clean to help you avoid embarrassing “purple teeth” moments when out with friends or colleagues.


The packaging of wine wipes looks exactly like a woman’s cosmetics compact.  I don’t know any dudes that would be caught dead carrying around a woman’s compact, unless they liked that sort of thing.  The folks at Borracha also want us to know that their wine wipes come in a pleasant and tasty “mild orange blossom” flavor.  Yum, that sounds delicious – not!  That “mild orange blossom” flavor is probably more like an orange Pledge kind of flavor.  Maybe I could use them to wipe down the furniture if I didn’t like the way they tasted…


I would love to see if these wipes actually work in a real world scenario, but I would be too afraid to actually put them on my teeth in fear that they might burn the enamel off of them.  And I sure wouldn’t be caught dead walking around with a woman’s compact in my pocket!


If you really want a good laugh, check out the Wine Wipes Promotional Video.  I laughed my tail off, even after watching it a few times.  Nonetheless, it’s an interesting and amusing product and I’m sure there’s an audience somewhere that may be interested in trying them, but for now I think that I’ll just stick with brushing.



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