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Wine Review-Marietta Cellars Old Vine Red Lot Number 48

So far in 2009, the red wines that we’ve tried have been good, just not really good. This Marietta Cellars Old Vine Red Lot Number 48 however is very good. The wine does not indicate a vintage on the label. So, we’re not sure if they’re using juice from past years and mixing it with new juice or what.



Whatever they’re doing to make this terrific red wine, works for us. This Marietta Cellars wine is primary made of Red Zinfandel. They’ve also added a splash of lesser-known red grapes to give it some added character and depth.


This wine was phenomenal with cheese tortellini and red sauce.


This wine is really very good. It’s just missing a little something however to make us scream Wow! and awarding it 4 stars. But so far in 2009, this has been our favorite red wine. Oh, and at $10 it’s really something special. Try a bottle for yourself. 


On a side note, checkout their website if you try this wine and like it. It’s amazing what this family has accomplished in the wine industry without any mass marketing, advertising or gimmicks to sell their wines.     


WineLife365 Rating: 3-stars


Please note:  Label indicates Lot 36, review is for 48

Please note: Label indicates Lot 36, review is for 48

2 Responses to “Wine Review-Marietta Cellars Old Vine Red Lot Number 48”

  • Haven't had the Lot 48 yet, but I keep a bunch of the 47 around the house for all occasions. I love this family run vineyard—awesome higher end stuff too, I snagged a variety on WinBid a year ago and loved every bottle. I think access is the only thing that keeps the "lot" zinfandel from being a huge breakout, they're almost unparalleled in their price range.

    • Robert, thanks for your comment. Couldn't agree with you more about being "unparalleled in their price range". These guys just make good honest Zin as you already know. I think that you'll enjoy the Lot 48 just as much as the others.

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