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Leftover BBQ Lunch Fit for a King

king-chicken-sandwichProbably just like you, we had our share of leftover BBQ* fare after our 4th of July cookout.  And just like most, we partook in a ceremonious devouring of our BBQ leftovers the very next day.  However, we still had a little to spare after a second round.  So on Monday, the 6th of July, I took a peek in the refrigerator found the leftovers and made a lunch that was fit for a king.


Here’s what you’ll need to eat like a king:

1.)    One piece of leftover boneless grilled chicken breast

2.)    A nice chunky slice of Spanish Manchego Cheese

3.)    A little Dijon mustard

4.)    1 potato hamburger bun or Kaiser roll

5.)    A great leftover macaroni salad

6.)    A thick sliced piece of ham.  Like a ham steak.

7.)    A sprig of fresh Dill


Place the leftover piece of boneless grilled chicken breast onto a microwaveable plate and put the slice of Manchego cheese on top of the chicken.  Place in microwave and cook for about 40 seconds or until the cheese is just a little melted over the chicken.


Grab your roll and spread some Dijon mustard on it.  Place chicken onto bun.  A nice bit of “souped up” macaroni salad makes a nice side.  Chop up a small thick slice of ham and throw into the macaroni salad.  Top the macaroni salad with some sprigs of fresh dill.  That’s it!


Bring this easy lunch meal altogether with a glass of Rosé from the south of France, like the Guigal Cotes du Rhone Rosé which costs less than $15.00 a bottle.  If you’re looking for a terrific value Rosé off the beaten trail for under $10, try the Goats Do Roam Rosé from South Africa which is equally as tasty!


*A word on BBQ sauce:  The world’s most kickin’ BBQ sauce is the Stubb’s Moppin’ Sauce.  My chicken breast couldn’t ask for a better sauce.


Enjoy your lunch!

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