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Getting Down to Brass Tacks

Hey, the WineLife365 crew is a pretty simple bunch of folk.  Folk like you…and you…and yes, even you.  There are many misconceptions about the proper way to conduct wine tastings.  Chief amongst these are that tastings must accompany a fancy schmancy dinner and that tastings must be done in a platinum encased, dust free wine chamber. Rubbish! WineLife365 follows these simple steps to complete our daily wine review and you can do the same, just follow along with us…


  • Make every night a special night and reward yourself for a hard days work.
  • Grab a bottle of white or red priced below $15.00 or cheaper.

Heck, much cheaper for that matter. For our budget, we prefer to spend $10 or less per bottle. Disclaimer: Unfortunately, with wine you don’t always get what you pay for. Expensive doesn’t always equate to good.  So before you turn your nose up at any wine, taste it first.  You may stumble upon a great $3 bottle.

  • Sit down and relax. You’re at home now. It’s time to make to dinner and enjoy your evening.
  • Uncork it and taste it.

I know that for many serious wine drinkers, they want to discuss color and how it smells… blah blah blah. Let’s face it; your sense of taste is what matters here!  Enough said.  Besides, most wines produced today will not have a nasty odor because most wineries do not have barefooted men and woman crushing the grapes with their feet anymore. I’m joking of course. But in my opinion, most wines made today should not and will not have an offensive odor.  If it does, use your brain “Don’t drink it”!

  • Determine if you have (in your humble opinion) a great bottle of wine.  Ask yourself three simple questions:

Would you buy this again? 

Would you recommend this wine to every wine drinker that you know? 

Would you give it or recommend it to your boss?

If you answered yes to all three, congratulations, you found yourself a great wine! “General Rating Principles”

  • Primary driver of each wine rating is taste.
  • We will only comment about a wine’s color and/or smell if we feel that the wine is offensive and could make you ill.
  • We use a 4 star rating system.  Why?  Because everyone else uses 5 stars and we also like even numbers.
  • Rating is to determine whether or not it’s worth buying again and/or whether its “recommendation worthy”. “Wine Rating System”


1 Star:             Are you SURE this is wine?  Someone wants me to pay money for this?

2 Stars:            It’s ok, nothing to write home about.  Try it, you could be like that kid in the Life cereal commercials – “He LIKES it, hey Mikey!”

3 Stars:            Wow, this wine is awesome.  If there were a wine Olympics, this wine would be a silver medalist.

4 Stars:            Eureka, you’ve struck gold!  Buy it until it runs out.  Save a bottle or two to keep for a year or so and enjoy it on a special occasion.  Incidentally, this is a great way to build your personal wine cellar.


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