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A Shining Example for Other Box Wines!

Is it possible to get a box wine that actually tastes as good as a wine that comes from a bottle?


After two lackluster experiences last year with Casarsa Pinot Grigio/Blanc Blend and Killer Juice Cabernet Sauvignon, I was asking myself that very question.  It sure seemed to me the stigma that box wines are cheap and of lesser quality than traditional bottled wine was holding as true today as it has in the past.


Believe you me – I wanna show some love for the box for lots of reasons:

1.) It’s supposed to stay fresh for up to 4 weeks after opening.

2.) The cool little tap is pretty nifty and very convenient.

3.) The eco-friendly component:  It’s recyclable, takes far less energy to produce and transport, reducing the carbon footprint by 50% versus glass bottles.


But in the end, if this bag and cardboard alternative to bottled wine doesn’t taste as good, does it really matter?


I was curious to take another stab at this box wine thing after a wine buddy of mine, who is accustomed to spending $20 per 750ml, became a loyal imbiber of this box.  I was even more curious after learning that this box wine was a two-time blind tasting finalist in, “The Wine Trials 2010“.  Ok then – Bring on the Black Box!




The Verdict:  The 2008 Black Box Cabernet Sauvignon is by far the best tasting box wine that I’ve ever tried.  For what works out to be about $5 per 750ml of juice, you’re getting a fairly decent dose of red berry and peppery flavors that’ll make you think that you’re drinking a more expensive bottled California Cab.  It’s a good, all-purpose, inexpensive red that most wine drinkers will enjoy – especially those that still think that good wine and cardboard box are not to be mentioned together in the same sentence.  Go out and try it for yourself – you just might get turned onto a box wine like I did!


Finally, I must mention that this box was a generous sample given to me by the Holden Family the day before my family and I were trapped in our house for 2 days after a blizzard dumped two feet of snow.  My sanity remaining in check during this time was due in large part to this glorious box of wine.  Holdens – Many thanks for your contribution towards our survival of the Blizzard of 2010!




WineLife365 Rating: 3-Stars

From: California
Price: $19.99 (Box = 4 750ml bottles!)






23 Responses to “A Shining Example for Other Box Wines!”

  • I love to see write ups like this and am looking forward to seeing more on this page. Before going solo a few months ago, I worked for a distributor, and have been in the fine wine (mainly Bordeaux/Burgundy) industry for 10+ years. Black Box has broadened their horizon with varietals from the hotest regions… and to note, their Cab Sauv was the best selling Cab in Colorado in 2008. Box wines are making their move!

  • Thanks John! This Black Box has definitely inspired me to try more box wines. I'm particularly interested in trying a couple box wines from the Languedoc that I spotted.

  • LMAO! Nancy – Clearly you were ahead of your time!

  • My people made so much FUN of me and my husband and our BOX O WINE for years.. THEN, we start drinkin out of bottles with CORKS, and my people are drinkin from boxes of wine!!! WTF!!! BOOM!

  • The problem with box wine for me is I tend to drink more. Having the bottle allows me to see just how much I have already had lol

  • You’ve got a good point Dave. As easy as it is to buy this in bulk, you can’t fall into the trap of drinking it that way!

  • I've had the same issue as Dave. I've been drinking Black Box wine ever since my wife and I adopted our fifth child and could no longer afford or justify spending so much for bottled wine. Like all wines, it helps to let your glass decant. Sometimes if I sip it to quickly after pouring, it has a bit of a bite.

  • Thanks for your comment Richard. I've been using the Vinturi aerator to soften up those wines that "bite". It's a great option for decanting by the glass…perfect for the box!

  • James G:

    Black box was a godsend on our trip to Egypt. No matter how often we tried we could not get a good glass of wine that had not been spoiled by improper storing. Wine spoils quickly in 120 degree weather but the Black Box held up for the two weeks we were there.

    • Thanks for the tip James! Definitely a great piece of information to share with readers that live in or plan to visit hot regions of the world!

  • MistressArte:

    To be honest I can be a bit of wine snob, like don't get me started on White Zinfandel, (It's wine blasphemy since the whole point of a wine grape is it's skin) however my dad got me this wine and it's not bad. I have had horrible box wine before basically thing grape juice and vodka, however this is on my list of good ones. And against my snobby nature I like it. XD So will I try other box wines still probably not, however this one is different.

  • WineLife365:

    Try to keep an open mind Mistress – several other quality boxes are finding their way onto shelves like:

    - Cave de Pomérols, Picpoul de Pinet, La Petite Frog
    - Big House "Red" and "White"
    - Several offerings from Octavin are fairly decent
    - 2007 Grand Veneur, Côtes du Rhône Reserve, Rouge

    These are just a few names. Try giving these boxes a shot sometime in the near future. They might just surprise you! Cheers!

  • ecodiva:

    Black Box cab became our "house" wine several years ago. It's easy to recycle. Great to have on hand for cooking. I think Black Box comes in equal to or over many $25 bottles. I wish it were still a secret.

    • WineLife365:

      Thanks for commenting on the Black Box Cab. The secret about this terrific value wine is definitely spreading. Let’s hope that the quality stays intact! A blinding tasting between Black Box and some Cabs costing more than $25 sounds like a great idea to me! Thanks for planting the seed!!

  • one-glass-jen:

    I love this wine for the cooking factor. I was spending a fortune on the single-serve bottles that some companies are offering now (which I still do love for parties). I love a glass of wine with dinner, but hate the open bottle in my fridge. Plus, sometimes I really do love to cook with wine, and not feel the urge to finish the rest of the bottle. (Really, I'm almost telling the truth here)

    However, when I'm ready to get my drink on, it can be more difficult to keep track of how much iv'e had, especially with a table full of friends chatting away. I think for those instances, counting bottles might be a safer bet :)

  • Dave:

    I have been drinking Black Box Cab for over 3 years, every since Consumer Reports testers put it ahead of MANY more expensive bottled wine. It is awesome for the price and works really well camping and RVing. Dave.

  • Aimee:

    I love Black Box Cab. It is perfect for dinner parties and lasts for at least two weeks. I am sick of buying bottles of $30 Cabernet and having it sucked down by my guests. I drank terrible boxed wine in college, but this is caliber wine I am proud to serve to my guests.

  • Jodi Pascarella:

    I have been drinking black box cab for about 4 years. I too wish it was still a secret :) I LOVE IT! I found it at a wine tasting for restaurant owners in Wilmington, NC and like so many other folks the thought of a box wine made me cringe. BUT it was delishious and so affordable. The recycle value and having it on "tap" made my decision to purchase easy. I am apart of wine clubs all over the world and I do still like and drink the more expensive bottled cab but for every day drinking I buy one of these a week! If I could be a sales rep for this company I would in a heart beat! ~Jodi Pascarella

  • This wine is unbelievable! I tried it was very and was very sceptical. I even went and bought my favorite bottled wine at 15.00 dollars a bottle! I won’t go back this is wonderful drinking wine. Thanks!

  • Yogi:

    Hey I'm done being a snob about box wines Black Box has my vote my friends don't even know it's from a box// cheers wine lovers

  • Adirondack Gal:

    Guess I'll put this nifty little item in my cart the next time I go shopping. I had to check it out first and glad I did. Thanks.

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