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Archive for July, 2009

Atlantic City Food and Wine Festival 2009

Attention all Foodies and Wine Lovers

The Atlantic City Food & Wine Festival will be taking place July 30th – August 2nd

atlantic-city-food-and-wine-festival-2009Harrah’s Entertainment is partnering with TD Bank and Susan G. Komen for the Cure (Central & South Jersey Affiliate) to create the TD Bank Atlantic City Food and Wine Festival.  This year’s festival promises to be the premier event of Atlantic City’s summer season with four jam-packed days of events, tastings, and celebrity appearances. Chefs from the Food Network and Bravo will be hosting, providing demonstrations, and mixing and mingling with guests at more than 20 events filling the schedule throughout this weekend.

This year’s Atlantic City Food & Wine Festival will feature a variety of events ranging from gourmet pizza and wine tastings to small group chef demonstrations with Emeril Lagasse, Tom Colicchio, Duff Goldman, and Ingrid Hoffman – to name a few.  Among one of the most anticipated events will be an opportunity to enjoy an intimate dinner with Food Network star Chef Guy Fieri as he will be showing guests how to host a very cool family style dinner.

Each event location is tailored to the audience in various Harrah’s Entertainment resort locations.  Top Chef’s Tom Colicchio will be uncorking a special select wine tasting at The Pool at Harrah’s Resort.  Emeril Lagasse will be teaching his famous Cajun cooking at the Showboat. Guy Fieri, along with the Phillips Seafood team, will be creating the ultimate summertime clambake in the historic Dennis Courtyard at Bally’s on the Atlantic City Boardwalk.

Here’s a link to all of the events, as well as ticket information for the festival:

I’ll be checking out this shindig on Saturday and look forward to sharing my experience with you!


Wine Review – 2006 Torremoron Tinto


From: Spain

Price: 10.99


So I have to tell you – I didn’t think that it was possible to find a Spanish dud from the Ribera Del Duero wine growing region in Spain.  I have a personal fondness for red wines that are produced in the Ribera Del Duero.  The climate in this Spanish region can be described as hot days and cool nights with moderate rains.  This type of climate makes for ideal growing conditions for tempranillo, the most widely planted red grape in Spain.


I love Spanish Tempranillo wines for their awesome ripe cherry flavor.  The winemakers that work with this grape know how to precisely integrate oak and spices to really make them enjoyable, food-friendly wines.


However, in my opinion, the 2006 Torremoron Tinto is a very poor display of the type of Tempranillo wine that one can purchase at this price level.  I found this Spanish Tinto to be rather bland, with nothing going on in the way of spices.  It was simply tasteless and boring.  Unfortunately, I’d have to say that the 2006 Torremoron Tinto is one of the worst Spanish red wines that I’ve tried in a while.


WineLife365 Rating: 1-Star


Poor Man’s Chef – Ultimate 10pm Quesadilla

10pm-quesadillaIt was nearly 10pm before my wife and I finally sat down at the dinner table on this particular evening.  What can I say – it was the first day without rain in like 15 days or something.  My sons were so excited to see the sun that they wanted to play until nightfall.  Well, nightfall came just after 8:30pm on this warm summer evening and by the time they both got scrub-a-dub-dubbed and had a little story time, it was nearly 10pm.  Besides that, I was also obsessing over a newly stained door – wondering if the stain color looked the same as the other doors in which I used the exact same stain on.  Hmmm, does it look the same??


Given that it was late, nothing was cooking for dinner, and my wife vowed to call the insane asylum if I looked at the door for one more second, I took a peek into the fridge and pulled out these 3 items:


1.)    A chunk of Spanish Manchego cheese

2.)    A hunk of Sopressata dry sausage

3.)    Package of soft flour tortillas


I decided to make a Spanish/Italian quesadilla with the ingredients that I had.  Here’s the quick and easy microwave version:


  • Place one soft flour tortilla on microwavable plate.
  • Shave off slices of Manchego cheese and place on soft flour tortilla.
  • Slice up some of the Sopressata dry sausage and place it on top of Manchego cheese.
  • Shave off some more slices of Manchego cheese and place on top.
  • If you have some fresh cilantro, put some on there as well.
  • Finally, place another soft flour tortilla on top.


Place it in the microwave and nuke it for about 2 minutes.  That’s it.  Slice it into 4 sections and serve it up!  If it’s more like 6 pm, you can also fry this quesadilla up in a pan with some olive oil and serve it with a salad.


castillo-del-baron-monastrellAn awesome Spanish vino to pair this quesadilla with is the Castillo del Baron Monastrell.  This Spanish red wine has a lot of black pepper and spices going on to really get your taste buds popping with this two minute Spanish/Italian quesadilla.


Muy delicioso!  Buon appetito!

Wine Review – 2007 Inca Torrontes / Chardonnay

inca-torrontes-chardonnayFrom: Argentina

Price: $8.99

ATTENTION ALL CALIFORINIA CHARDONNAY DRINKERS:  Please place your glass of wine down on the table and step away.

I want to share with you yet another outstanding value white wine from Argentina that you’re probably not paying attention to because it comes from a lesser known place in Argentina called the Calchaqui Valley.  It also contains that unfamiliar native Argentinean white grape known as Torrontes.  However, this Torrontes has a splash of that old familiar favorite in it – Chardonnay! The 2007 Inca white blend consists of 80% Torrontes and 20% Chardonnay.  The splash of Chardonnay is terrific.  It really gives this wine some serious backbone that allows it to hold up to just about any food that you throw at it.  We started drinking this white blend just before dinner.  Our dinner was some Tex-Mex chicken and steak fajitas.  We liked this wine so much that we continued to drink it with dinner, and it held up really well.


The 2007 Inca Torrontes / Chardonnay has an awesome crisp apricot and citrus (think grapefruit) flavor that is light on the “tree bark” (oak in wine geek terms).  This wine is very enjoyable and skillfully blended to near perfection.  And I almost forgot the best part – it can be purchased for less than $10…cha-ching!


This wine is an outstanding value and the Torrontes grape is quickly becoming one of my favorite white wine grapes. 

WineLife365 Rating: 4-Star

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